Basic Steps

GRAPEVINE How to do a GRAPEVINE video3 count move with the second step behind.
EX: 1. step left foot to left
2. step right foot behind left
3. step left foot to the left
The fourth count after a vine varies. It can be a hook, a hitch, or a touch, etc.
FAN How to do a FAN STEP videoWith weight on one foot, the toe of the other foot is moved out to the side and back. This is also a 2 count move.
TOGETHER How to do a TOGETHER STEP videoStep one foot next to other foot.
HOOKFoot of one leg is raised and crossed over the other leg. Toes are pointing down legs will look like a “4” or a backward “4” depending on whether it is a right or left hook.
HITCHKnee is raised straight up so leg forms an upside down L shape. The bottom part of leg hangs straight down from the knee and top part of leg is parallel to the ground.
SHUFFLE How to do a SHUFFLE STEP video3 steps to 2 counts of music: it can move forward backward, or to either side. It can also be done in place. It is a step – ball – step.
EX: 1. Step forward on right foot and step ball of left foot next to right foot.
2. Step forward on right foot.
TOUCHOne foot touches the ground usually next to the other foot. Weight is on the other foot. The foot in the touch will be used next.
SCUFF/BRUSHScuffs are done with the heel. Foot swings forward with just the heel touching the ground. Brushes are done with the ball of the foot and can be done across, forward, backwards.
JAZZ SQUARE/JAZZ BOX How to do a JAZZ SQUARE/JAZZ BOX video4 count move. One of the counts is a crossing step.
It can be the 1st or 2nd count.
EX: Step forward with right foot. Cross step left over right.
Step back on right foot step left next to right.
Or Cross step right foot over left. Step back on left foot.
Step back on right foot. Step left foot next to right.
BOX/RHUMBA BOX How to do a BOX/RHUMBA BOX STEP video(Right or Left) Step right foot to side, slide left next to right, step right foot back, touch left next right. Step left foot to side, slide right foot next to left, step left foot forward, touch right foot next to left.
TRIPLE STEP/CHA CHA How to do a CHA CHA STEP/TRIPLE STEP video(Left or Right) (forward, back, side) step, together, step.
CHARLESTON STEP & CHARLESTON WITH A KICK STEP How to do a CHARLESTON STEP video and How to do a CHARLESTON WITH A KICK STEP video(Right or Left) step forward with left foot, kick with the right, step back with right foot, touch back with the left.
ROCK RECOVER How to do a ROCK RECOVER STEP videoThis is a 2 count move, you step forward, back or side on one foot on count 1 with weight rocking on to it. The stationary foot will lift slightly off the floor. On count 2 you shift the weight to the other foot.
This is a 3 step move to 2 counts of music:
1 & 2, 3 & 4, etc. Also called a sailor step. The first step is behind, second to the side on the & count and the third step is next to other foot. It can be done left or right
EX: 1. Step left foot behind the right & step ball of right foot to right side
2. Step left next right
KICK BALL CHANGE/HEEL BALL CHANGE How to do a KICK BALL CHANGE STEP videoDo a kick and then a ball change, or a heel touch and then a ball change. It can be done on either foot.
EX: 1. Kick right forward (or touch right heel forward) & step of ball of right next to left raising left.
2. Step on left next to right.
COASTER STEP How to do a COASTER STEP videoAlso done to the count 1 & 2. Second step is always a step together with the first first. The third step is in the opposite direction of the first two.Iit is used to quickly change direction. BACK COASTER steps back first.
EX: 1. Step back on left & step right back next to left.
2. Step forward on left.
FORWARD COASTER step forward first.
EX: 1. Step forward on left & step right fwd next to left.
2. Step back on left.
SWIVEL How to do a SWIVEL STEP video(Direction given for heels, right, left, center) both feet together with weight on balls of feet move heels to side.
SCISSORS How to do a SCISSORS STEP video(Right or Left) side step, together, cross in front, hold.
SCOOTStep left forward, slide/step right together.
PIVOTA pivot is a 2 count move. Touch one toe forward on the first count. Pivoting on the ball of the foot you turn on the 2nd count. Weight will end on the stationary foot which is forward after the pivot.
If you pivot with your left you will turn to the right.
If you pivot with your right you will turn to the left.
PIVOTS are usually 1/4 or 1/2 turns.
STOMPSFoot is put down flat with force. If it is a STOMP UP, weight remains on the other foot. If it is a STOMP DOWN weight is taken by the foot you stomped. A HEEL STOMP is done just with the heel.
STRUTS How to do a STRUT STEP videoStruts are a 2 count move. There are two kinds: In a HEEL toe strut, you touch the heel down on count 1 and drop the toe on count 2. TOE heel strut, toe is touched down first and heel dropped second.
WEAVE How to do a WEAVE STEP videoA weave is a sideways move in which one foot will cross alternately in front and behind the other foot.
EX: Step WEAVE A weave is a sideways move in which one foot will cross alternately in front and behind the other foot.
EX: Step right to side, cross left in front, step right to side, cross left behind, step right to side.
Weaves can be several counts long and can start either with a side step, a cross in front or cross behind.
HEEL SPLITSAlso called Heel Spreads. With weight on toes heels are spread apart and back together.
CROSS/UNWINDAlso called an unwind. Usually a 2 count move. Cross one foot over the other stepping down on it. Turn 1/2 turn on balls of both feet so feet are uncrossed.
EX: 1. Cross right over left putting weight on it.
2. Unwind 1/2 to left on balls of both feet.
TOE SPLITSWith weight on heels, toes are spread apart and back together.