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Come Join the Fun! 

Welcome to Under the
Sun Line!!!
    I am glad you came to visit. I enjoy teaching beginners to Upper levels. The on-going line dance class start with the first hour learning the basic
steps to line dancing... with the second hour stepping it up to enjoy the latest songs.  
    I enjoy teaching seniors, adults and youths line dancing. Not only will you learn new dance steps, but will benefit from the exercise and thrill.

    This activity can promotes cardiovascular health. You will utilize your mind with memory work that provides mental benefits while learning with a variety of different rhythms such as the cha cha, mambo, straight rhythms through country, pop and even 50's rock and roll...

    The on-going Line Dance classes are offered at two different levels. Come along and join the fun with the Under The Sun Line Dancers!!! No partner needed. Line dancing classes are a great place to meet with old friends and make new ones.

- So put on your boots and brush-up on your dance moves...

                     COME JOIN THE FUN!!!

Instructor: Martha Quintero
Call (951) 329-7867

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