About Us

 Martha Quintero

In the 80’s I attended a night time dance class
I learned the basic steps of line dancing,
when I moved to the Inland Empire not knowing i was going to teach this wonderful activity.


I started to gain my experience when I decided to go to a class in Moreno Valley, Ca.  By that time, all my Children were grown. I wanted to have and learn something that would allow me to express myself. Before I Knew it, I was having the time of my life learning and being a Teacher to others.


I have been given the chance to meet with some wonderfull friends and have connections with other line dance teachers. I would like to give thanks to Ira Yoder for teaching me how to become a teacher and Patty Thompson taught me how to combine steps to new songs and Ruth Deming guided me to become a member of the American Callers.   I also Received a Certificate by the International Consortium of Line Dance (ICLD)


I Can’t forget how this is possible and give thanks to all my wonderful Students.

 Students that have become Instuctors:


Chris Wedge       Cathie Seifen