Part Time Love

Raymond Sarlemijn (NOR) - August 2017
32 count, 4 wall, Beginner Line Dance
Part-Time Lover by Stevie Wonder

Step, Lock, Step, Step, Lock Step

1            RF diagonal R

2            LF lock RF

3            RF step diagonal R

4            LF touch RF

5,6,7,8   Do the same as RF to L


Step Touch Clap 4 x

1            RF diagonal back

2            LF touch RF, clap hands

3            LF diagonal back

4            RF touch LF, clap hands

5,6,7,8   Repeat first 4 counts


Toe Step, Toe Step, Rock Step Cross Hold

1           RF toe diagonal R

2           RF step diagonal R

3           LF toe cross forward RF

4           LF step diagonal cross forward RF

5           RF rock R

6           Recover weight LF

7           RF cross forward LF

8           Hold


Toe Step, Toe Step, ¼ Turn Right Rock Step, Hold

1           LF toe  diagonal L

2           LF step left diagonal

3           RF toe cross forward LF

4           RF step cross forward LF

5           LF rock L

6           ¼ right weight RF

7           LF forward

8           Hold