Strip It Down, Down, Down

Brenda Shatto (USA) -, January 2016
16 count, 2 wall, Beginner Line Dance
Strip it Down by Luke Bryan

Intro – 16 counts
[1-9]  Left nightclub basic, right nightclub basic, ¼ turn left step L forward -R sweep, R cross, L back, R back, left coaster  
1 2 &    Step L to left side (1), close R slightly behind L (2), cross L over R (&) 12:00
3 4 &    Step R to right side (3), close L slightly behind R (4), cross R over L (&) 12:00
5           Turn ¼ left stepping left forward while sweeping right forward, 9:00
6&7      Cross right over left, step left back, step right back, 9:00
8&1      Step left back, step right next to left, step left forward and slightly out 9:00

[10-16]  R touch, turn ⅛ left- step R, L touch, turn ⅛ left- step L, R touch, step R, L behind, R to side, L cross, R side rock and cross  
&2&    (Step-touches make a gradual ¼ turn to left) Touch R next to L, step R to R beginning ¼ turn left, touch L next to R, 7:30
3&4     Step L to left, touch R next to L finishing ¼ turn left, step right to right

Styling: On step-touches keep knees soft and sway your hips side to side 6:00
5&6    Cross L behind R, step R to right side, cross L over R, 6:00
7&8    Rock R to right side, recover to left, cross R over L,  6:00


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