These Old Boots

Rob Fowler – May 2019
32 count, 4 wall, Beginner Line Dance
These Old Boots Have Roots by Aaron Watson

Intro – 16 Counts

Grapevine Right, Touch, Grapevine Left, Touch
1,2    Step R to R, step L behind R
3,4    Step R to R, touch L next to R
5,6    Step L to L, step R behind L
7,8    Step L to L, touch R next to L

2 x Heel Digs Forward, 2 x Touches Back, Step ¼ Pivot, Stomp R, L

1,2    Dig R heel forward x 2
3,4    Touch R toe back x2
5,6    Step forward on R, make ¼ turn L
7,8    Stomp R next to L, stomp L

K Steps With Claps
1,2    Step diagonally forward R, touch L next to R clap
3,4    Step diagonally back L, touch R next to L clap
5,6    Step diagonally back R, touch L next to R clap
7,8    Step diagonally forward L, brush R

Walk Forward R, L, R, Kick L, Walk Back L, R, L, Touch R Next To L
1,4    Walk forward R,L,R, kick forward L
5,8    Walk back L, R, L, touch R next to L